PP designers week

 Mitsou will be part of the fabulous PHNOM PENH DESIGNERS WEEK (PPDW), 3-day fashion show presentation organized by F Magazine.

PPDW will mark the first-ever convergence and collaboration of the best of Phnom Penh’s fashion designers and other artists in the fashion industry as curated by the editors of F Magazine.

These collaborators are in the forefront of Cambodia’s growing design scene.

This soiree of glamour, tradition and creativity will definitely mark our beloved city on the national map. The home of PPDW is at The Plantation and is slated to happen on June 13, 14, 15, 2013. 

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Where to find Mitsou, shops and more,  on our web site - Facebook page

And don't forget to fallow us during the Phnom Penh DesignersWeek (13th,14th,15th of june)

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New project

Hello friendly followers,

Each 1st saturday of next 6 month, Mitsou will be present , with others artisans and designers

at the Shinta Mani hotel, in Siem Reap

The MADE IN CAMBODIA MARKET will promote the high quality craft from Cambodia.

Mitsou works closely together with local workshops in order to ensure the best quality. 

From the first sketch to the final product,  Mitsou take care of each detail.

Hope to see you there,

Hélène & Gaëlle,
fashion designers 


New Arrivals

Hello Friends,

To complete your wardrobe, here are some new outfits designed by Mitsou, find them at the First floor, fashion store, Phnom Penh.

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